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ANT-2x2-5314/2314 anschluss auf AP-374



Ich habe AP-374/AP-318 Accesspoints und ANT-2x2-5314/2314 zum testen geliefert bekommen.
Für normal sollten die Antennen funktionieren wenn sie jeweils auf die Anschlüsse 0 und 1 angeschlossen werden.


Im Englischsprachigen forum gibt es einen Artikel der besagt, dass die ungenutzten Antennenanschlüsse am AP mit 50 Ohm terminiert werden müssen.


Ist mit einem Leistungsverlust zu rechnen wenn die ungenützten Anschlüsse nicht terminiert werden?





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Re: ANT-2x2-5314/2314 anschluss auf AP-374



Sorry, I can read (most of) German, just not speak, so response in English.


You must mount terminators on the unused antenna connectors, not for performance, but because you will damage the radios. If radios cannot deliver their power to an antenna, they will break at some point.


In addition, for outdoor usage, you need to weatherproof your connectors, and sealing connectors with a terminator is better than sealing the just the connector.


Terminators should not be that expensive, this one should work for less than 10 euro, but I would think if you search (Abschlusswiderstand in German) you can get them even for less.


So to summarize, you must either put an antenna on each connector or terminate the connector.

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Re: ANT-2x2-5314/2314 anschluss auf AP-374


Ok thank you for clarifying!
I just have to take them on a outdoor site survey, for a view hours. So, I hope they would not be damaged that fast.
But yes - to have this terminators would be useful in future.

I opened this thread also in the english board. If you copy and paste your answear I will mark it as resolution.
Thats an useful info, because there is no info about it in a Installation guide of the AP (may a model can turn of power at a not connected antenna connector)...

Thank you!

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