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Airwave Mismatch after Portal Cert Change on IAP



we manage a lot of instant ap clusters with our amp and we broadcast a guest ssid with external portal authentication against a clearpass server.


we imported a trusted portal certificate to the clusters and everything worked fine.

now the portal certificate expired and we imported a new one into the airwave server. then we deployed the certificates to the instant clusters.


in some clusters, we have the following airwave mismatch:

"cp-cert-checksum 91a24c5cd45767678928923ec491xxxx"


I tried to remove the portal certificate from this groups and re-deployed them. this did not clear the mismatch.


any ideas?





Re: Airwave Mismatch after Portal Cert Change on IAP

If the Airwave Group certificates are matching those deployed to the IAP clusters, these should match. Check the group and device setup within Airwave


If you are using templates to configure the VCs, check the template for the cpcert line. If this doesn't match the actual IAP config, fetch the current VC config from the VC, Airwave should import the current checksum.


If this doesn't solve,  would recommend opening a TAC case with the IAP tech-support, and any Airwave logs showing the mismatch error.


Outline of how to push certificates from Airwave:


Shawn Adams
Aruba Networks Customer Advocacy
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Re: Airwave Mismatch after Portal Cert Change on IAP

we do not use templates for the configuration.


here is what helped us:

- we did minor changes on each vc

- we deployed the configuration (twice)

- the checksum errors disappeared

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