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Airwave Upgradepath von auf

Hi Community!


Ich habe Aruba Airwave mit CentOS 6.9 virtualisiert laufen und möchte auf CentOS 7 upgraden!


Was ist die beste Vorgehensweise um an mein Ziel zu kommen? Gibt es ein Kochbuch?

Danke vorab für Eure Hilfe!




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Re: Airwave Upgradepath von auf

gibt eine englisch Diskussion dazu:


while there is a "Upgrade OS" within the CLI menus it only upgrades to the latest minor version (6.9 or 6.10), not the major version.  To obtain a new "CentOS 7" version you have to build it again - the OVA file contains the new version if used to build a new instance.  A hardware AW upgrade would be similar in process but we would have to build it from scratch (install the OS first, then use the .iso file for the AW install) on the same box after copying off the backup file.


To upgrade CentOS for Airwave the process in the Release Notes is correct:

  1. First, upgrade your live AW to  This upgrades the databases so they can be restored later in the steps.
  2. Backup this live AW and copy off this backup file somewhere
    1. (CLI) Backup > Backup Now. 
      1. (GUI) To grab the "nightly" or "weekly" backups - if you've waited long enough since the upgrade to so they can run since your upgrade - go to System > Backups
    2. Command line for SCP from AW (don't use Solarwinds SFTP/SCP Server as it doesn't like the encryption ciphers... OpenSSH in Linux works well) (This step is the most difficult in terms of getting the SCP server running, reachable, and the syntax correct):
      1. If I had a "awbackupfolder" folder on my Linux box on the Desktop for a user named "username", I would reference the existing folder as relatively from my login directory: Desktop/awbackupfolder/  (the trailing "/" is optional here)
      2. The CLI SCP syntax cannot take the "~" tilde character so reference the folder in another way
      3. username@
    3. Power off the AW server (we'll need the new box to have the same IP because AW licenses are tied to it)
  3. Build a new AW server with the right storage, cpu, and memory requirements.  This is a good opportunity to increase hard disk size if you've been holding off.
    1. Building from OVA file will install the CentOS 7 version.
    2. To login to the newly deployed box, use the default: user = root and password = admin
    3. Use the same basic startup-script info as before, keeping the same IPs
    4. You will need a complex password.  Store it somewhere safe: this is your CLI and your WebUI password for "admin" login
  4. Once the box is up, from the CLI copy over the backup file via SCP.
    1. Files > Upload
      1. username@
  5. Now restore from the backup.
    1. Backup > Restore > AMP Restore, select the file.  Sometimes the numbers don't match what you type - I think due to hidden files (.digest files).  Make sure it is the right one (it should be the only one here)
    2. VisualRF backup file is already contained in the AW Backup file, so there isn't a need to do that restore separately.
  6. Log in to the system after it is up with the new password.  Perform basic checks that information is still flowing correctly.
  7. Delete the old virtual machine once everything is running fine.
  8. Have a cup of coffee.
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