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Clarity Synthetic VM Requirements


gibts es eine Empfehlung welche Voraussetzungen die VM für die Clarity Synthetic Engine hinsichtlich Memory, Disk space und CPU erfüllen sollte?

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße!

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Re: Clarity Synthetic VM Requirements

findest Du im Clarity User Guide:

System Requirements
Listed below are the minimum hypervisor host system requirements for the Clarity Engine to run as a guest
virtual machine (VM) and the resources required for the VM to be functional:
- Quad-core Core i5 1.9 GHz processors with hyper threading enabled
- 8 GB RAM
- Minimum 2 physical network interface cards (NICs) on the ESXi host


The Clarity Engine OVA template cannot be installed on the same virtual machine instance as AirWave. The
Clarity Engine needs its own virtual machine instance.



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Re: Clarity Synthetic VM Requirements

Thank you!

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Re: Clarity Synthetic VM Requirements

what about HDD size ?

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