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iAP & FW-File


ich hätte mal eine Frage zu den FW-Versionen. Ich habe gerade eine HP Mail bekommen, das eine Update für "HPE networking ArubaInstant_Vela_6.5.1.0- software available " Verfügbar ist. Als Produkte in der Mail sind iAP304,305 aufgeführt. Wenn ich aber unter nachsehe steht für Vela der iAP 207 und für die 304/305 die Version Ursa.

Kann mir das einer bitte erklären. Welche Version nehme ich für welchen iAP?

Re: iAP & FW-File

Excuse me for not responding in German, hope you can read it though.


Vela, Ursa, Lupus, etc are the platform names, not the software version name.


So the version number (,,, 6.5.3) should be the same for all Instant APs in a cluster. The firmware family/platform name must match the types of IAP in the cluster. So if you have a cluster with 207 and 305 Instant AP's, you will need both Vela and Ursa firmware. Aruba Central manages this automatically, if you do a local upgrade via the Instant Web interface, you will be asked to provide a URL to download both firmware versions.

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Re: iAP & FW-File

I know, but the question is, I install at a 305iAP Vela or Ursa (with the same Version Number)?

Re: iAP & FW-File

305 = Ursa


I use the information on (the link you posted) to pick the right firmware family. From there you get to Ursa:


If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).

Re: iAP & FW-File

IAP Image Class Cheatsheet - as of 5 July 2017

Lupus                            IAP-334/335

Ursa                               IAP-304/305

Aries                              RAP-155/155P

Cassiopeia                    IAP-134/135

Centaurus                    IAP-224,225
                                       IAP 214,215

Orion                             IAP-92/93

Pegasus                        RAP-108/109

Taurus                           IAP-204/205

Hercules                        IAP-324/325

Vela                                 IAP-207


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