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Aruba_config Ansible command

I have successfully got Ansible to configure most of my procuvre configured using the Aruba_config module


with the task looking something like this

- name: SNMP Config
- snmp-server community "{{ site_key }}" operator unrestricted
- snmp-server host community "{{ site_key }}" trap-level all
- logging "{{ logging_ip }}"
- logging facility syslog
- logging severity info
- console idle-timeout 360
- console idle-timeout serial-usb 360
- ip default-gateway 192.168.{{ site_id }}.1
- no oobm ip address
- no snmp-server community "public"
- no telnet-server



What I am having trouble with is items which require confirmation, 

these are username and password

Encrypt Creds

include creds

SNMP v3 users. 


In the command line, these would ask for confirmation, but I havet figured how to confirm with Ansible.. would anybody know how or do these items have to be configured over the REST APIs?




Re: Aruba_config Ansible command



This kind of configuration can be done through specific API/URI, which allow to configure these items without any human interaction/confirmation.

If the module for SNMPv3, as an example, is not yet available, maybe you could enhance your playbook with your own customs tasks, in order to do this part of the configuration.

There's an API for each items you mentionned (SNMPv3, Encrypt-credentials and Include-Credentials).


Hope that helps.

Aruba Employee

Re: Aruba_config Ansible command



In regards to Ansible we recommend using our ArubaOS-Switch modules, which configure the devices using REST API. You can find a copy of the modules, the module installer, and module documentation on our GitHub here:


In regards to command confirmation, I do know Ansible provides a module for 'expect' that can be used to confirm commands:


Hope this helps!

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