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NAE: modification of graph-values


is there any documentation about the Python functions and their parameters for the NAE?
I'd like to program a hitcounter for an ACL. But the graph has to show the hit-difference between the previous update and the following. I've tried to use Rule.condition('transition...',[...]) but neither this nor an Map with Integer-Values is possible. (or I don't know how, because of the non-existing documentation...)
Does someone has an idea, how I can implement this into the NAE?

Is there any way to debug NAE-Scripts rather than upload this script and run it as an agent manually?

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Re: NAE: modification of graph-values

Hi James,

All of the functions and the list of the built-in Python libraries for NAE are listed in the ArubaOS-CX Network Analytics Engine Guide for 10.03, linked here.


From what I understand, you're looking for the condition to continuously change values whenever it is hit, correct?  Due to the architecture of how an agent is created, I'm unsure if the running instance would re-evaluate the variables for the conditional check, so I'm unsure how you would be able to do that without the use of Baselining or another feature improvement.


As for debugging NAE-script development, unfortunately there is not yet an alternative to uploading the script and running.  I'm hoping there is a development IDE or tool out soon that will help with script development going forward!


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