EMEA Airheads Conference 2013

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Agenda Breakout Sessions

Hi all,


The agenda this year looks very nice.

But i see that on Tuesday afternoon there are a lot of interesting session on the same time like (air90#6, air90#8 and air90#9), but they are not repeated.

Is it possible that some session's are repeated on the Wednesday?




Peter Otten


Re: Agenda Breakout Sessions

Hi Peter,


Thanks for your post.  You're right that while two sets of the breakouts are repeated, the third set is not. As Aruba's product offering has grown, we had to make choices about repeating some content within the constraints of the available time. In our experience, most people tend to specialize in certain areas, so won't want to attend all three.


However, we know that some people do have a broader interest, so we will be making available slide content after the event. Also, we are working to make SEs more available throughout the event, so you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face and get more personalized advice. We'll keep you posted on this closer to the event.