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ArubaOS8 IPFIX integration with Plixer Scrutinizer

Tested Version:

  • Standalone VMC ArubaOS version
  • Scrutinizer_VA_18.16

These two devices are installed in VMWare ESXI within the same subnet. I have one AP and one client connected to my controller to generate client traffic.


1. Install Scrutinizer as shown in this guide 

then configure system ip address, DNS, NTP, etc.


2. I have working setup for VMC controller with one AP and one client connected. Configure IPFIX: Configuration>Services>External Services>IPFIX.


(VMC1) [mynode] #show ip-flow-export-profile

IP Flow Collector Profile
Parameter Value
--------- -----
State Enabled
Interval (minutes) to upload all active sessions 1
Interval (minutes) to upload cache snapshot 1
Interval (minutes) to upload IPFIX template 1
Transport Protocol for collector connection udp
IPFIX Collector IP address
Transport Port for collector connection 4739
Flow Cache size in entries 15000
Observation Domain 0
Wireless Export Enabled


Change the settings here to 1 minute for testing to get the data quickly.


You can verify collector configuration 

(VMC1) [mynode] #show ip-flow-export collector

Observation Domain: 3232235837 (Controller IP)
Collector IP, protocol udp, port 4739, enabled (wireless-export), connected
Upload template every 1 minute(s), upload all sessions every 1 minute(s), upload flow cache snapshot every 1 minute(s)

UNIFLOW, flow cache size 15000, flows exported 4940, next sequence 4940, 413 packets, 190616 bytes
Last template send: 03:40:38 11-06-2019, last dispatch: 03:40:38 11-06-2019, 71 flows(64 ID-300, 7 ID-301, 0 ID-302)
0 Connect errors, 0 connection resets, 0 send errors, 0 flows dropped, 0 blocked sends



3. Wait after one minute and you can see the data in scrutinizer.






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