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Aruba Employee

Cable Testing using Aruba Central

We can run cli command to a switch to detect cable faults. If the switch is cloud managed in Aruba Central we can use the GUI to test the cable.


Test Details:

  • Aruba Central - AUTO-ATH-2.4.9-687-P
  • 2930F switch 
  • AP-515

My AP is connected to port 4 of 2930F with 4 meters cable. I will check if I have cable faults using Aruba Central.


1. Under Maintenance > Tools > Device Check . Run "Cable Test" to a selected switch.


2. Refresh the page to see the test results.


3. Or you can laso check the cable test result by issuing show cable-diagnostics. Maintenance > Tools > Adanced.



Based on the test result my cable is good and also it confirmed that it is 4 meters long. Very useful command to test layer 1. 

Aruba Employee

Re: Cable Testing using Aruba Central

will this work for all switches/AP's supported by central?

Aruba Employee

Re: Cable Testing using Aruba Central

2930F, 2930M, 3810M, 5400R v3 modules supported it.

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