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How are you using your network in 2017?

I'm interested to get your feedback on how the usage of your network has changed or is changing on 2017. At Aruba we have been focused on providing the right infrastructure to facilitate mobile learning at scale and streamline device onboarding. We have wrapped a security layer around all of this with Clearpass. What else is going on with your network? Are you delivering online exams? Are you using HD or 4K video? Are there any new applications that are starting to stress your networks? What about the changing security landscape? Is IOT palying any part in your network today? Please share your thoughts.





Re: How are you using your network in 2017?

Over the last 3 years we have had increases in student device numbers. During the peek periods of the day we have more devices connected to our wireless network than we have users. We have 1400 students and 100 staff on a normal day we have over 2100 devices connected to the wireless network.

Both staff and students come up with interesting apps to use to support teaching and learning. These are not just on traditional laptops but phone and tablets too.

The last 3 years the number of BYO devices has increased by 300 each year.

Many of our students use more than 2 devices on a daily basis, some even have 3. The variety of devices is huge.
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Re: How are you using your network in 2017?

Thanks for those insights. Network capacity is certainily a very key consideration for 2017 with most students owning multiple devices. Are there any new applications that are putting extra strain on the network? Do you see any challanges ahead?



Re: How are you using your network in 2017?

One big thing we have noticed is the English department now allow the students to choose the movie or series they write about. Instead of the whole class reporting, writing about the same one. This has greatly increased the use of things like Netflix and YouTube. The network seems to handle it but IT isn't always aware of department and teaching changes so have to be reactive to fast paced change. Our network works well and this is a priority so teaching and learning can happen and evolve.
Aruba Employee

Re: How are you using your network in 2017?

Thats really interesting. Thank you for sharing this innovative use of the network.

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