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How to upgrade Airwave 8.2.10 (CentOS7) to

How to upgrade Airwave 8.2.10 (CentOS7) to


1. Make sure you have enough space for disk storage and memory. (You can use df -h and top command to check it). Verify current CentOS version. 


Sample airwave commands (step 1) AW1.png



2. Manually Download the upgrade package from aruba support website.

3. Add file transfer user (Airwave version 8.2.10 or


Sample airwave commands (step 3)




















4. I use winscp to upload airwave upgrade package. Make sure that you put this under /user directoryCapture.JPG



5. After uploading the package to /user directory. Login to Airwave using Putty session.  Change the value to 30 to 60 seconds for sending of null packets to keep session activeAW5.png



6. Do the local upgrade and you will see version as one of the  option. Select this version and it will start the upgrade.

Sample airwave commands (step 6)



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