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Using IMC to report on running-config status


For those of you that have Intelligent Management Center (IMC), this may be helpful to ensure that configs are not lost when changes are made, but not saved!


Automatic checking of configs
This is the compliance check process I have put together to check if there are any ProCurve devices (anything in the extended ProCurve family that supports the "show run status" command, including the newly branded ArubaOS-Switch) with running config changes not saved - ie not matching the startup config.


  1. Create a Display Command.
    This will execute the command "show run status" on the switch
    Create Display command.pngshow run status.png
  2. Create a compliance policy using that display command just created.
    compliance policy 1.pngcompliance policy 2.pngcompliance policy 3 rule.png
  3. Create a Check Task (can be periodic) that runs that compliance policy
    create check task.png 

    Click on the results to see the detailed list of policy compliance violations
    list of policy compliance violations.png

Automatic Backups in IMC

You can create system-wide auto-backup of configs.

  • If you select the “backup network wide” checkbox, everything in IMC is included, and you can exclude specific devices.
  • You can reverse this, and set the backups for a defined whitelist only (but then new devices need to be manually added)
  • Filtering is by existing device only (not subnet or similar)

    set auto backup attributes.jpg


The Backup History Report (Service > Backup History Report)backup config history.jpg

  • Shows all backup attempts, and details success/failure
  • The list will include all devices being backed up. (If you choose the network-wide backup plan, excluding some devices, then new additional will automatically be added to the backup list)


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