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AP 65's in Classrooms

I was wondering what other people are using in classrooms.
Right now we are using AP65 in our classrooms:

The rooms are about 20x30 and have around 24 to 30 students and have 2 AP's in each room. Is that to many or about right?

Thanks for the Help!
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Re: AP 65's in Classrooms

I use one AP125 per classroom and it has been working real well for me. I have the luxury to dictate that all clients be 802.11n 2.4/5.0 GHz so I can have higher density without over crowding the channels.

Teachers use 2.4 and Students use 5.0

Since I'm running ARM, half of the APs goes into Air Monitor mode.
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Re: AP 65's in Classrooms

We are doing the same thing, AP65s we currently have about 2 APs per class room, we have large rooms with up to 5 APs (1 acting as Air Monitor). We max at 40 students to a classroom, rarely 60-80 in the large rooms.

I'm demoing the AP 105 in the IT office to see how it is, haven't had enough time to configure it all the way. We are excited to move to N to cut down to 1 per classroom.
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