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Captive Portal issue

I am new to the Aruba Universe and am working on a wireless system for a school. We want to have two wireless networks, one for the staff/teachers that allows access to the hard wired network and all those resources, and a second wireless network for the students that uses the captive portal to for the students to login with their own login information. We have the staff/teacher network already setup and configured as it was rather straight forward. I am currently working on the student network with captive portal. I am running into an issue that I am sure is something simple and I am just overlooking but I am stumped. I can associate to the student network, and the captive portal steps in when you try to get out to the internet but once the authentication has taken place and I am supposed to be redirected to where I was attempting to access I get dropped back at the captive portal every time. I am able to open a command prompt and ping outside the network but using a browser I keep getting back to the captive portal every time even after authentication.
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Captive Portal issue

When you connect to the wireless you are placed into a logon role before
you authenticate which allows things like dhcp, dns and icmp. Any other
traffic the controller will deny or redirect to Captive Portal. Once you
authenticate you get moved into a different role that is defined by your
auth method. It sounds like you are placing the users back into the
logon role. To check go to Monitoring > Clients Once there you will be
able to see which role your client is in. To change it go to
Configuration > Authentication > L3 Authentication > Captive Portal
Authentication Profile. Change the Default Role to something else. If it
is set to Guest and that is what your users role is, you will need to
modify the guest role under Configuration > Access Control.

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Thank you

I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. That was the issue, i was dropping them back in the same role. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
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