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Captive portal SSIDs

I'm looking to see what higher ed instuitutions call their Captive portal SSID? We've used UC-Open for a number of years, but it steers people to use it instead of our secure network. Just looking to see what other people call theirs.
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Re: Captive portal SSIDs


i call it "guest". Captive Portal often used for guest users.

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We use CCV-OPEN.
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Re: Captive portal SSIDs

We just did a major change from:

UCCS-WPA - 802.1x
UCCS-Open - captive portal with limited access


UCCS-Wireless - 802.1x
UCCS-Visitor - captive portal with limited access

So far the changes have been better than expected. Now instead of seeing 2/3 of people using captive portal, 2/3 use 802.1x. We also put up self-extracting .exe's that utilize the Aruba wificfg programs to auto configure windows clients on each controller. This has really helped those people who can't figure out how to use WPA2 connect without any problems.
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We are planning the migration to Aruba and we are going to use CSI-Wireless. We keep it simple for simple minded professors :rolleyes:. Under normal circumstances we would not broadcast the SSID but we are going to until a large amount of the users are trained to use the new SSID. The log in page will inform them of the change and how they will have to reconfigure their SSID settings.The roles are determined on the attributes passed by the LDAP login server. There is no plan in making a guest account or role so only CSI community can use it.
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