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Hooking into the Internal User DB??

Im new to the forums here, so first off hello to all, and I really hope that Im able to become a productive member here.
I work at a small private college here in Virginia, and I am looking to fulfill a requirement for guest access, while meeting the guidelines we fall under as an educational institution.
Basically the need I have follows this model:
1) Someone comes in and needs 'guest' (lack of a better word) access to the network
2) They must be sponsored by a department head and said department head must acknowledge their responsibility for said user's actions.
3) Once the approval entity signs off the request, I need a temporary account added to the INTERNAL DB on the aruba controller, with a set expiry time.
Not a very hard process, but the vision here is an automated process we've seen modeled at other institutions whereas the request can be done and fulfilled without the intervention of IT staff at all.. Basically a webform which after all requirements are met, sets the account up.
-- Through my investigation I have pretty much concluded that the Controller uses a MySQL instance to hold the DB.
-- This being the case, I should be able to run a simple set of ASP scripts from a webserver with the DB username and password to automate this process. Ive done everything from using the MySQL extender to connect to the db to a port scan to see what (if any) ports are being listened on by the controller for SQL queries.
The only things I can think of since it appears the DB might only be accessable to the controller are :
-- upload a page via the custom captive portal option that can be handled by the controller's native Apatche web server and access the DB from within the context of the box......
-- somehow (this is preferred) get an external hook into the controller to manipulate the DB. I was thinking the process I might need to go through is enabling DB syncronization to get it to listen out for the DB connection.
I guess what Im wondering is if there is an available API I can code against, or any allowable hooks that I just cant seem to find?
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There is a lobby ambassador account that can be added into the Aruba controller, and a security guard, or receptionist will have a limited view into the controller... in fact they can only create, and print, and in 3.4 email the account (in advance) to the person. It will get the job done and save you tons of headaches. Also it can auto-generate username and passwords, and can be set up to expire daily ahead of time. I have seen this deployed more and more at "sign in". It's extremely easy and friendly to work with.

Go to the support site and grab the OS Userguide and look up guest account provisioning.
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Re: Hooking into the Internal User DB??

Hi Lee,

Welcome to the group.

I would agree with Marcus that the easiest way to do this is to use the built in guest provisioning. It's much more flexible in 3.4, and you could even set it up to allow your regular employees to generate guest accounts ahead of the guest arriving.

In 3.4 with the PEF license we've also included our XML API which you could leverage if you need to build a custom solution.

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Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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Re: Hooking into the Internal User DB??

New note just so it's documented here for future Air Heads (you know who you are):

In 3.4, a Guest Provisioning account end date calendar function does not work properly when selecting any date after the 28th of the month. (For Guest Provisioners)

When you attempt to have the guest account expire on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, the GP app will replace the date with the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, and in some cases the month will revert to May.

You will need to use some date other than those three days. (or in the case of February, don't worry about it...)

This has been reported to the engineers and was duplicated at Aruba.
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