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Need help with radius and captive portal

I am kind of new to the Aruba products and I was trying to setup my first production controller to deploy secured, WPA2, and unsecured ,captive portal, wireless networks. The secured network is working as it should, authenticating to radius on a Server 2008 box.

The captive portal is the one giving me trouble. When you put in credintials it just says authentication failed. On the radius server everything looks to be normal and the account we are trying we tested on the controller with the AAA test.

Any suggestions or even a how to on setting up the captive portal with radius would be good, since the manual only shows setting it up with the internal database.
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Need help with radius and captive portal

I would start by verifying that you have the external radius server
defined for your CP Auth. Check which aaa-profile is being used by your
VAP and tehn make sure that aaa-profile has your radius server on top.

aaa server-group "CaptivePortal"
auth-server Radius-server
wlan virtual-ap "CaptivePortal-vap_prof"
aaa-profile "CaptivePortal-aaa_prof"
ssid-profile "CaptivePortal-ssid_prof"

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Support helped us figure it out. We didn't have PAP enabled on the radius server.
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