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Private Wireless APs

I've been asked to investigate the wonders and gotchas of EDU implementations that have allowed private WAPs in addition to Aruba APs.

The specific application is allowing students in residence halls the ability to bring in their own SoHo AP (linksys, netgear, etc) into their dorm room in areas where Aruba coverage is sparse. I'd love to hear your comments.


Re: Private Wireless APs

One of the cautions I would offer is to make sure you use the WIP module to protect your own SSID and prevent others from using it. It's not just a security issue - it can be a support nightmare as well as people who think they are connecting to an "official" network get poor performance, call the help desk, and nobody can troubleshoot anything because the user isn't found in the production network.
Jon Green, ACMX, CISSP
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