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Re-authentication Interval - changes in 3.3.2.x?

We use captive portal to authenticate users. The Re-authentication Interval for the 'authenticated' user role was set to 720 minutes so that active users would not have to re-login too often ('User Idle Timeout' is set to 2 hours).
After upgrading to (now running the Re-authentication Interval apparently has a 60 minute max. We discovered this because apparently the upgrade converted the original 720 minutes - now no longer a valid entry - into a "0", meaning users would have no Re-authentication Interval. This has resulted in near dhcp lease exhaustion.
The manual for 3.2 says I can still choose up to 4096 minutes but nothing over 60 minutes will be accepted.
FWIW, the CLI states that you can pick 0-60 minutes, which is in cpnflict with the manual.
Is this an intended feature of 3.3.2?
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