Survey Results: 2010 Priorities

All, as promised, I’ll post some of the results from a recent small survey we conducted to the Education community. This is just one snapshot of a section and I’ll post more soon. Three of the questions looked at priorities for the upcoming year for general IT spend, security, and mobility. Do these results align with the priorities at your institution? Why or why not? Did we miss anything significant?

IT initiative Priorities
Virtualization 56.0%
Wired/Ethernet upgrades 51.3%
Security 49.7%
Network Management 45.0%
Data center upgrades 41.4%
Mobility 38.7%
Identity & Access Management 34.0%
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity 29.3%
Remote Networking 23.6%
Course/Learning Management Systems 21.5%
Administrative/ERP/Information Systems 18.3%
Compliance 8.9%

Security Initiative Priorities
Identity and access management 44.5%
Antivirus and Anti-spyware 36.1%
Firewall 34.6%
Intrusion detection and prevention 34.0%
Wireless threat detection and prevention32.5%
Data encryption 20.9%
Device control 16.2%
Incident management 10.5%

Mobility Initiatives (rated by importance, ‘1’ being the highest rating, 5 being the lowest)
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity 1.94
Interactive learning technologies 1.98
Distance-Learning 2.11
Green IT initiatives 2.14
Mobile Identity and Access Management 2.15
Computer Lab Virtualization 2.26
Fixed Mobile Convergence 2.33
Rightsizing; Reducing Ethernet access layer in favor of wireless 2.36
Video distribution over wireless 2.50
Location tracking of devices and assets 2.50
Sensor networks with mobile/wireless backhaul 2.66
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