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WPA connections


We have moved to Apple laptops here at our College and are having some connections issues with the macs

What happens is that if you connect to a home network or any other wireless network and just put your laptop to sleep when you bring it back to the College and reconnect you have to turn the airport off then on again to get a connection

has anyone seen this before and if so what fix is there if any

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Re: WPA connections

A way to deal with this is to edit the timers via the commandline.

First, find your 802.1x profile:

(3600) (802.1X Authentication Profile "default") #show aaa authentication dot1x        

802.1X Authentication Profile List
Name References Profile Status
---- ---------- --------------
CatchMe-dot1x_prof 1
default 1
default-psk 1 Predefined (editable)
iPhone-dot1x_prof 1
survey-dot1x_prof 1


My 802.1x profile is iPhone-dot1x_prof so I will edit that, and change the two timers:

config t
aaa authentication dot1x iPhone-dot1x_prof
aaa authentication dot1x iPhone-dot1x_prof max-requests 2
aaa authentication dot1x iPhone-dot1x_prof timer idrequest_period 3

If you do not feel comfortable making those changes, please contact support.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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Re: WPA connections

thanks for the reply will try it and get back to you
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Re: WPA connections

Do I just change the the timers to the same as yours
or is there a scale that you use ie do you just increase the timers until you find a happy medium

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