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For those of you in the UK wanting to implement EDURoam please find a list of commands kindly provided by one of our customers. Thanks to Bob.

I am informed this is very simple, but someone asked so here you go....

aaa authentication-server radius radius0_server
host P.Q.R.S
key …
nas-ip A.B.C.D
aaa authentication-server radius radius1_server
host T.U.V.W
key …
nas-ip A.B.C.D
aaa server-group radius_servers
auth-server radius0_server
auth-server radius1_server
aaa profile eduroam_aaa
authentication-dot1x default
dot1x-server-group radius_servers
radius-accounting radius_servers
wlan ssid-profile eduroam_ssid
essid "eduroam"
opmode wpa-tkip wpa2-aes
vlan 3168 eduroam-AREA
wlan virtual-ap eduroam-AREA_vap
aaa-profile eduroam_aaa
ssid-profile eduroam_ssid
vlan 3168
broadcast-filter arp
broadcast-filter all
ap-group INSTITUTION_aps
virtual-ap eduroam-AREA_vap
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