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iphones flooding Duke University wireless

I won't repost the articles but read these:
This highlight sticks out for me:
>Most of the W LAN is comprised of Cisco thin access points and controllers. Some older autonomous Cisco Aironet access points tend to uncover the flooding first, since they try to resolve the ARP request themselves. But Miller’s team has seen the CPU utilization on the WLAN controllers spiking as they try to process the request flood passed on to them in control traffic from the thin access points.<
>User Tom comments as follows: As someone else mentioned, this is probably more Cisco's problem than Apple's. If a bug in another product can effectively DOS the access point, then there's no reason a malicious user couldn't do the same.
So has anybody experienced this type of behaviour with iphones on their campus? Our deployment isn't big enough yet to warrant a full test site but we do have several known iphone users in a concentrated area and I haven't noticed any difference in the performance since there arrival.
Just curious .. or paranoid ...
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