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vlan pooling and captive portal

Our SSID is busting our of its contiguous client vlan/subnet. We use captive portal for this ssid. I created a new client vlan/subnet and wish to add this to the ssid so we can accommodate more clients. I see where I could add vlan pools to the existing SSID. That's great. My question is, can you also add the new client vlan/subnet to the existing captive portal or do you need to clone the existing CP and config a new one for each vlan you use. Note: clients receive leases from our dhcp server, not the controller, so the vlan is configured on the Cisco router.
Thanks, Mike
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You would just ADD the VLAN to the pool.

The important thing is that the clients in that new VLAN would ALSO be able to reach the controller on it's IP cp-redirect address, as described here: The ip cp-redirect address is the IP address that the controller responds to captive portal requests on to bring up the page with the login query, so every vlan that you add that you want to do captive portal on, would somehow need to be able to route to that address.

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