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Authentication between ldap and novell, using aruba as wlan provider

good day
i have this installation
i'm using aruba 2400 controller, and using 802.1x authentication with ldap using wpa2-aes.
and i have novell server which has some application to run.
my problem is i'm facing three login to run my script, while when i use wired i do only one login.
first of all i have to login to my desktop, then login to wlan, then login to novell client then i have to run my application and script.
i read some where that i have to use odyssey Access client, this will merge the authentication for novel and wlan at the same time.
this should work, because my problem start when i loged to novell after logging to windows. (while novel needs network connection to login)
in novel client there's an option is that use odyssey client with novell, but when i check this box, the odyssey doesnt work and it didn't give me any loggin, it says requesting for authentication, authentication failed, it doesnt ask me about user name and passward.
can any body help me if he knows about this issue?
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