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XP, restict to one SSID only

Does anyone know of a way to lock Windows XP down to the Corporate SSID only?

We don't want users going home and using either their own, or any ol' hot spot.
Windows 7 and Vista can use an AD GPO to simply do this.

I've rinsed Google trying to find a solution.
(Apart from more expensive software)

Surely this can't be that hard? Has anyone cracked this?
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Re: XP, restict to one SSID only

You can use a Windows XP AD Group Policy object that cannot be changed by regular users. I'm not sure in detail how to do this, but have configured that accidentally for sure...

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Re: XP, restict to one SSID only


Apparently on Server 2003+ with XP on SP2+ this link may provide some help: http://www.petri.co.il/working_with_wireless_gpo_settings_from_xp_sp2.htm

Haven't done this myself, so I can't verify the results.


Teleworkers using RAP-2

Sounds like you are a good candidate to field some RAP-2's at home so your users can still use their laptops in the family room, even though you have their laptop locked down to the Corporate SSID.
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