Expert Day - May 13th 2015

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Expert Day May 13th 2015

We are pleased to announce that the next Airheads Expert Day will take place on May 13th, 2015. The event will last 24 hours to allow users from around the world to submit posts and engage in online discussions.


An Airheads Expert Day is an online community event where Aruba's technical support team members and other expert employees come to answer any technical questions you may have related to event topics. 


Start Time:

7pm PST May 12th to 7pm PST May 13th, 2015


Expert Day Forum:

Please ask your questions Here:


How the Expert Day event works:

Since Aruba's technical support team members may need to get additional information from you, please check “Email me when someone replies” when composing the message. You may also want to subscribe to the forum to be notified of new posts. Please note that you need to be registered and signed in to the community in order to post questions in the event forum.


Although our technical support team members will be logged into the community throughout the event, it may take them some time to research and compose replies to your questions. Generally speaking, we will strive to answer your post within two hours. If you have an urgent issue, please open a case directly with our technical support team by using the "Open Case" button on the community homepage or via email or via phone.  

Sean Rynearson
Smart Spaces TME
Phone: 706.972.1520
Twitter: @srynearson
Airheads: @srynearson
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