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Filtrado MAC en controller

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Me gustaria saber como se puede permitir la conexion a un SSID a un determinado listado de MACs.

Solo con controller, sin ClearPass.


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Re: Filtrado MAC en controller


Read here:


And here: (from a blog)

Aruba Controllers provide us couple servers types for Authentication such as : Radius, LDAP, Internal DB, Tacacs server, XML API server, RFC 3576 server and Windows Server.

This blog is going to talk about how to setup Authentication on Aruba Controller.
1st of all, MAC Authentication: appropriate for devices that cannot run authentication software or when there are no users like : scanners, printers and etc.
NOTE: MAC Authentication easily spoofed. Not recommended for most environments.

MAC Address Authentication Configuration Steps:
1. Create or use the "Default" MAC Authentication profile.
2. Create or use an existing server (Auth>Server Group)
3. If an external server is used assign it to a server group. If "Internal" server is used assign it to the Server group ( more than one server can be used)
4. Create a AAA profile for MAC authentication. The server(s)/Server Group and Mac Authentication profiles are assigned to the AAA profile. (Auth>AAA)
5. Assign the AAA profile to the Virtual AP

Create or Configure a MAC Authentication File---->

Create a server or use an existing server. Configure appropriate Mac Authentication settings----->

Assign server to server group---->

Create  a AAA Profile. Assign the MAC Auth Profile and the server group to the AAA profile---->



Assign AAA profile to the Virtual AP

More reading:
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Re: Filtrado MAC en controller

Muchas Gracias! lo pruebo



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