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ALE client incorrectly located on map

Hello, I have an ALE (version + Airwave (version 8) + Controllers (version 6.4) (numbers of this : 2) and AP215 (numbers : 113) All that thing are in the same LAN with a Fortinet Firewall (100D) There is two subnet : 10.x.y.z (ALE, AMP, FW) and 10.x.y+1.z (APs).

When i saw th map on ALE the client devices being incorrectly located on the Map : all client (connected and unassociated) are in the same place : in the center of that map. I check the ALE deployment doc, but no issue for me. Somebody can help us ?

Thank you.


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Re: ALE client incorrectly located on map

Hi, thanks to ARUBA-HPE support. The answer is : update your ALE so I saw the difference, it works.



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