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Analytique et visibilité

Behind this term "analytic" hides several solutions to our catalog (infra, localization, UEBA).

It should be noted that these solutions have been present for some time in our offer.

Let's look at the "Clarity" technology to convince ourselves of this: present in "live" version (based on connected clients) or "Syntetic" (temporarily transforming an AP into an SSID client) with an Airwave server. techno provides visibility into the performance of infrastructure protocols  that allow a client to have full connectivity (DNS, DHCP etc ...). 

One of the objectives of this "infrastructure analytics" is here to provide the "insights" (visibility) services provided by the latter to determine more quickly what may be a problem in the connectivity of a user.

"Visibility" can also be applied to applications , thanks to our AppRF DPI engine, which recognizes apps (and can dynamically take QoS actions for example), or focus on infrastructure protocols via Clarity or via an embedded engine. our new 8400 Aruba-OS CX core chassis.   

We will also offer this type of services in cloud mode with the "analytic network " solution, and will go even further because the "correlation" proposed via this service will be extended and can therefore dynamically provide sound advice for the optimized reconfiguration of infras by drawing benefits from global overlaps. In particular, analytics will be performed on a large number of configurations in order to identify the best performers and proactively advise the following.

Analytics can also focus on locating people via the Meridian solution (based on BLE) or the ALE solution (based on Wi-Fi RTLS), but also via the optional Aruba Cloud Central Presence Analytics service which allows to have statistics on Wi-Fi clients (whether or not associated) in the SSID broadcast field.  

Finally, we can evoke the analytics on the behavior of the users , and this is now proposed via our UEBA IntroSpec engine that can be coupled to ClearPass for automatic defensive actions. This solution implements machine learning of user behavior to determine a typical profile.     

Now you better see why it is generally stated that everything is now "Data" (big!), "Analytic" and "Machine Learning". You can add the term "Cloud" if these services are / can be rendered via this mode.

Thanks to these valuable sources, automation via programmability (API) can then offer previously inaccessible capabilities.

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Re: Analytique et visibilité

Thanks for the info,


Howver, I see that NetInsight's data sheet is off the site - any reason why?


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Re: Analytique et visibilité

No. No reason, it will be probably back soon. Sometimes documents are updated. NetInsight is fully on the target :)

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