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ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 disponible !

Disponible sur le support portal.

Quelles en sont les nouveautés ?


  • 2930 VSF Stacking support up to 8 members
  • Device Fingerprinting with Aruba Clear Pass -  With this feature, Switch will collect attributes of a client and share with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) which could cause a change in Policy assignment for the client
  • 100 Mbps support on Smart rate ports on 2930M, 3810M and 5400R. This can be auto-negotiated as well as we can support fixed 100 Mbps on a Smart Rate port if needed
  • DHCPv6 based Zero Touch provisioning (ZTP) with Airwave & HTTP Proxy Support for ZTP
  • Support for 5400R VSF and 2930M Back plane Stacking for Aruba Central
  • Traffic Policing (RFC 2698) and Storm Control for Multicast traffic
  • IPSec Tunnel to Secondary Controller, RADIUS Tracking Improvements etc.
  • Net-destination and Net-services support with downloadable user-roles
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