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ClearPass 6.7.1 est là : TACACS+ à volonté !

Voici un nouveau pack de patchs pour CPPM 6.7.

Quelques corrections de bugs, mais notez surtout un changement de licence sur le TACACS+, il est désormais illimité.

A récupérer sur !


  • Improved TACACS+ license consumption model
    • TACACS+ is no longer consumed using the session-based model introduced in ClearPass 6.7.0. With only 100 Access licenses, a customer can now use TACACS+ for an unlimited number of network devices and/or administrators. Just add appliances to scale up based upon demands.
  • Ability to Rollback a Cumulative Patch
    • ClearPass now supports downgrades from major (pre-6.7 feature) and minor (NEW) releases, e.g. 6.7.1 -> 6.7.2 -> 6.7.1.
  • Support for SNMP IPv6 targets
    • ClearPass can now send SNMP traps to IPv6 enabled trap receivers.
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