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Power Supply Model for switch JL073A


I need to order a second power supply for this switch ARUBA 3810M 24G POE+ 1-SLOT (JL073A).


What is the model sold with the switch ? I want to order the same one.

I can't find this information on aruba documents...

Thank you very much for your help



Re: Power Supply Model for switch JL073A



By default, it should be the 680W PS (JL086A), if it has not been changed.

You can check the model you are currently using by typing the following command on your switch : show system power-supply.


As an example :


3810-Lab-2# show system power-supply

Power Supply Status:

 PS#   Model     Serial      State           AC/DC  + V        Wattage   Max
 ----- --------- ----------- --------------- ----------------- --------- ------
 1     JL085A    <serial>  Powered         AC 120V/240V        49       250
 2                           Not Present     -- ---------         0         0

   1 /  2 supply bays delivering power.
   Currently supplying 49 W / 250 W total power.
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Re: Power Supply Model for switch JL073A


i don't have ordered the switch yet. I needed the reference to add it on the quotation demand.


Thank you Arnaud !

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