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[HELP] Static IP by ID From AD

dear all, how to create client static ip from aruba controller 7210 by ID from Windows AD??



Re: [HELP] Static IP by ID From AD

I'm not sure I understand the question.


Are you using the controller internal DHCP server? If so, you could set a very long lease time or set exclusions.



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Re: [HELP] Static IP by ID From AD

Sorry for my bad English, yes i use internal DHCP server, i want to use ID on AD to make static ip for client. so where ever client connect by ID on any device they get same IP.



Re: [HELP] Static IP by ID From AD

I have not seen an easy way before to have DHCP assign IP addresses based on the username during authentication. That will also create some challenges when users login with multiple devices at the (more-or-less) same time, as an IP address in DHCP is reserved for some time to a MAC address.


In case you have an intelligent DHCP server, I can imagine that you might be able to do something with APIs that share the username/MAC with your DHCP server so it can assign the IP.


This is a very unusual requirement to me, can you explain what you want to achieve?


If it is to link usernames to IP addresses, you might use logging, or the Palo Alto integration, or when using ClearPass use ClearPass Exchange.

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