What Wireless LANs Are Used For

We recently surveyed IT personnel from a random pick of 145 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada about how they use their wireless LANs. Some intriguing results:

1. 90% use a wireless LAN in some capacity in the hospital, 10% do not use WLANs or did not know if they had a wireless LAN

2. Of all hospitals that claimed use of Wireless LANs, following were the key applications:

  • ~70% use wireless for EMR/EHR access
  • ~50% provide wireless guest access
  • ~45% use Voice over Wireless LAN
  • ~30% use wireless patient monitors/telemetry devices
  • ~15% use location tracking or RTLS
  • ~75% use their wireless LAN for multiple applications

I am surprised by such a high number on wireless patient monitoring, such a low number of location tracking. What is your experience?

Also, if you do have a multi-purpose wireless LAN, how do you manage it, secure and ensure reliability?
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