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AP93H with a bridged vlan to Enet1-4 MTU problem

This is a question for other users of AP93H's who also bridge a switch vlan onto the Enet ports of the AP93H.


I am on version:
I bridge my user vlan of the switch onto ENET1 of the ap93h.  This is so the residence users who have an AP in their room have the exact same wired connectivity as those who do not.  


#CPSEC is enabled for this to work.

ap wired-port-profile "port-v420"
wired-ap-profile "wap-bridge-v420"
aaa-profile "NoAuthAAAProfile"

ap wired-ap-profile "wap-bridge-v420"
forward-mode bridge
switchport access vlan 420


If you are also doing this, can you verify that you do not lose any bytes for the MTU size inside the AP93h?


What I mean:

Our MTU is 1500 bytes, so ping's upto 1472bytes in size should work, and they do when directly connected to the switch port.

DIRECT ON SWITCH :  ping -f -l 1472  <gateway>   WORKS


When connected to enet1 on the ap93h, 2 bytes go missing.

AP93H enet1: 

ping -f -l 1472  <gateway>    FAIL  "Request timed out."

ping -f -l 1471  <gateway>   FAIL  "Request timed out."

ping -f -l 1470  <gateway>   Works



This causes an issue for Linux users, until they manually set their MTU on the linux host to 1498, a lot of HTTPS sites will not work.


If you are also doing the bridging, can you let me know if works properly or not for you, if it works, can you post your version and if your bridging configuration is different.



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Re: AP93H with a bridged vlan to Enet1-4 MTU problem

Is it all flavors of Linux, or just one?  What about OSX?



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Re: AP93H with a bridged vlan to Enet1-4 MTU problem


It was reproducable on all operating systems.

It was resolved with an update to




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