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Airwave Reports

I posted this in another section, so I will re-post here.

I am trying to get information on how many devices of type we have on our network (i.e. How many iPhones or Win7, etc).  The reports I can kick out so far show a huge number for count, which according to TAC whenever a report is initiated the script checks the client table and whenever it finds a device OS with same it will increase the count as one.  That is why I see HUGE counts.  I need UNIQUE devices, and I am not able to get a straight answer from TAC. 
Also would like to get a report to find out how many "users" (user names, which are IDs in our case) connect to how many devices, in other words, which devices (mac-addresses) use the same user id (for example, user id: 555-55-5555 is used by all these mac-addresses), trying to get a feel of how many devices per user. 

Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Marcelo Lew
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Re: Airwave Reports

I have not found the canned airwave reportst to be helpful here either....


the client inventory report - and using OS Summary - seems to be pretty good - appears to line up with stats I'm getting from clearpass.

but you can also run queries against the underlying database:


 select count(distinct mac),username from client_historical where connect_time > 1377993600 and connect_time < 1380585600 group by username

that will give you a count of mac addresses that have been associated with usernames within the timeframe.

It does pickup on everything.... ie even un-authed users etc... so might want to limit it by ssid/authstate etc....

I have not looked at linking in device type tables.... but could modify query to something similar - but group by device OS




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Re: Airwave Reports

Thanks for the info.

How about a report based on the firewall tab?  Like top 10 applications or destinations?  Has anyone conquered this?

Marcelo Lew
Wireless Network Architect-Engineer
University of Denver

Re: Airwave Reports

Firewall reporting is coming in an upcoming release.
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