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BSSID vs radio MAC address

We've been asked to provide a list of BSSIDs to a student who wants to use the information for studies on indoor localization. Using the command 'show ap bss-table' shows me the BSSID table for the APs on that controller. We offer two SSIDs so I see four BSSIDs per AP. I understand these BSSIDs are dynamically generated and may change on AP reboot.


For a given AP in Airwave I also see the "radio MAC address" reported as a similar address but ending in "0". I take this to mean this is the physical MAC of the radio. Is there a CLI command that can show me a table of radio MAC addrtesses? This seems more consistent and something more concrete to offer the student. Example of CLI output and Airwave screenshot for the same AP below.


(lgrc-wac-106-5) #show ap bss-table | include CHEN-327-1
  UMASS    N/A  g-HT  ap    11/3/20.5         0       CHEN-327-1   0        9d:7h:54m:28s  1500  -          79   T
 eduroam  N/A  g-HT  ap    11/3/20.5         0       CHEN-327-1   0        9d:7h:54m:28s  1500  -          1    T
 UMASS    N/A  a-HT  ap    48/20/20          1       CHEN-327-1   0        9d:7h:54m:29s  1500  -          79   T
  eduroam  N/A  a-HT  ap    48/20/20          5       CHEN-327-1   0        9d:7h:54m:29s  1500  -          1    T






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Re: BSSID vs radio MAC address

Older APs with a limit of 8 BSSIDs per radio had the 2.4GHz radios always end with ?0? and the 5GHz radios always end with ?8?. With newer APs with 16 BSSID limit per radio, the radio mac address always ends in ?0?.

So, you can take the first 11 hex characters you see in the BSSID table and just add a zero. You can do this very easily pasting the bssid table into a file (e.g., ?bssids?) on a mac and then running the following command:

grep ":" bssids | awk '{print $1}' | cut -c 2- | rev | awk '{print $1"0"}' | sort | uniq

Hope this helps!
Ryan Holland, ACDX #1 ACMX #1
The Ohio State University
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