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ClearPass Appliance Console

When connected to a ClearPass 5K Appliance via keyboard & monitor and you issue a command (i.e. - show ip) that has more than one screenful of information, how do you see the output that has scrolled off of the screen?


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Re: ClearPass Appliance Console

i don't think you can. the shell used is pretty stripped down and all usual *nix based tricks don't work.


you can connect via the console port and use your terminal emulation tool to be able to scroll up.



Re: ClearPass Appliance Console



I don't have a unit to test it for you, but what probably works on the VGA console is the key combination: Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn to scroll through the console window.



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Re: ClearPass Appliance Console


I confirmed that the shift-pageup and shift-pagedown key sequences work to see information that has scrolled off of the screen when connected to the ClearPass 5K appliance console connections. These key combinations work for both connection means [serial console cable and monitor (VGA) / keyboard (USB)].



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