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Mobility Controller Internet Access Configuration Advice Requested...

Howdy Gang,


Currently I have two campuses connected by a MetroE connection. Wireless users from DT (Down Town campus) cross the MetroE to NC (North Campus) and then access the internet via NC. As we have grown there has been a substantial increase of traffic across this link. Well instead of upgrading the MetroE I would like to dump DT users out the DT internet pipe and keep NC users going out the NC internet pipe and then keep the MetroE but reduce its capacity since it will only be needed for AP and controller configurations and what not. (see attached drawing)


However, I am not sure how to approach this configuration wise and how to handle multiple gateways. Any help is appreciated :-)

Scott McNeil - Sr. Network & Security Engineer, Global Process Automation
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Re: Mobility Controller Internet Access Configuration Advice Requested...

Here is what we have done with oue Remote AP controller.


The controller has an external ip address & an internal ip address. We set the default gateway for the external ip address and defined static routes through the inside interface for our internal networks.


We are using private networks inside, so this works well for us.

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

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