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Outdoor Point To Point deployement



I am planning on building a point to point connection between two buildings that are not too far apart.


1. Distance around 150 meters

2. It will be use for backhoul connection without serving clients.

3. On building is 4 story and the second builiding is 1 story floor.

4. The 1 story building have glass roof so i will need to install the AP inside the building. The other building have open roof so i have clear RF LoS.


I understand that i have two options use Aruba OS or Aruba Mesh. The advantage of the Mesh OS is that i do not need a controller and will do layer 3 routing, am i correct to assume this is the recommended option?




1. Can i use an AP-134 with the proper antenna for the Aruba OS setup option? Do i need a controller on each side of the building?

2. Does the MST200 include the directional antennas?




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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

if you are only going to one buildng I would recomend using a p-p bridge. It would be simplier and minimize interference. if it was multiple locations i would recomed a mesh.


Something to keep in mind while the distance is short, some of the tint coating on windows can interfere with the wifi signal.


aruba has some mesh routers, I am sure I will get flamed for suggesting this but there is also the ubiquity nano bridge products which are very reasonable.



Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

You should consider using the instant ap134 with the external antennas. They will form a mesh link automatically.

Please see the Instant User Guide for details.

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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

At 150M spacing and 3 m height the angle between them is tan^-1(6/150) = 2.5 degrees


the MST200 has a integrated 14 dBi antenna and is a very solid cost effective solution.


It is the recommended baseline and it is more cost effective and MUCH easier to deploy that AP-134 with external antenna

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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

1. One of the building is configured via VPN back to headquarters so i know i can connect the AP in that builidng and tunnel it back to the controller.


2. the second building is no setup yet. Would i need a controller on the second builidng? The second building will have 6 AP and some IP cameras.


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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

You won't get any flamming from me. I have used everything from BelAir to Proxim and from Ubuquiti to EnGenius for pt to pt and pt to multipoint links and WDS. My preferred radio for single pt to pt links though happen to be Deliberant APs due to cost, durability and ease of deployment.


Just my 2 cents worth anyway...

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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

I will read more about Deliberant APs.

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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

You shouldn need another controller if you have enough licensed on the existing one. As long as you are on the same network and the bandwidth utilization is not too high.


we ran our school in NY from our CA location and controller across our wan. We just changed over ot the the IAPs in the new building.

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Re: Outdoor Point To Point deployement

We're using a Ubiquiti AirFiber bridge over a short distance to provide about a gig of bandwidth to one of our buildings. Has been up for around a year and has worked flawlessly. I would also suggest looking at their product line, as they seem to really be able to more reasonably use the word disruptive compared to most.

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