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Passwordhelp or Mentalhelp as the case may be...

Riddle me this o' ClearPass gurus and please enlighten this cppm newb...


we have a feature on our AD machines called Passwordhelp. If you forget your password or your account gets locked and for some reason you have to change your password, you can type passwordhelp into both the user and password fields and it will let you in to go do just that, change your password. (anyone else familiar with and/or use this AD feature?)


Anyway, on hardline machines it works just fine but on my machine auth machines, cppm denies it as it does not get get any sort of response at all from LDAP requests and whatnot. So my question is, can this be made as a static user account on the cppm box that will allow it cppm authentication so that the AD PC can then go do its password help thing?


As always, any help is appreciated :-)

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Re: Passwordhelp or Mentalhelp as the case may be...

Wouldn't your machine auth role already have the necessary across to talk to domain controllers? What step in the process would this occur?


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