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Roku clients & 5 GHz DFS channels.

While troubleshooting a support ticket regarding a Roku Player, I’ve come to the realization the 5 Ghz Roku capable clients do not appear to support DFS channels (UNII-2, UNII-2e bands [channels 52-144]).   I’ve reached this conclusion, purely from observing what Roku clients I can see connected @ 5 GHz, as well as having taken a look at the list on clients.mikealbano.com.  Has anyone come across the same realization?  Has anyone been in contact with Roku to verify this?


For those of you in charge of Wi-Fi deployments in residence halls, do you do anything to address these?  Do you limit your channel plan to UNII-1, UNII-3 bands?  Or do you simply not bother going out of the way to plan for these devices? 





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Re: Roku clients & 5 GHz DFS channels.

Not an answer your question, but the website below is very useful.

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Re: Roku clients

We just use UNII-1, UNII-3 bands
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Re: Roku clients

We support DFS channels. We decided not to let the deficiencies of one device type reduce the performance of all others. Instead, we put some information on why we don't support Roku devices. Basically, it's buyer beware.



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