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Re: Support for Amazon Echo and other personal assistants

mldickson wrote:

Does Clearpass have readily available finderprints for Echo, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. It seems Echo, at least Echo Dot, is being identified as a Kindle in 6.6.8


Yes it does have fingerprints avaialable for Ehco.  All amazon products come in as a kindle fire.  Fire TV =, Echo, and fire tablets all categorise the same until Amazon fixes it.  The echo is under Home Audio/Video->Amazon->Echo.  The google home or assistant and chromecast should both drop in as chromecast.  So in that case it would be Home audio/video->Chromecast->Chromecast Media Player.  There is not a tag for a Google Home outside of the chromecast because like the Amazon devices they are built on the same architecture and most people don't care how it categorizes in a home network.

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Re: Support for Amazon Echo and other personal assistants

@cappalli wrote:

Why would a student not want to use their personal account?

That's my normal thought process, but that isn't a user driven question. The students I've worked with so far nearly exclusively use their school gmail, it is personal to them. The last one I worked with didn't have any other gmail accounts, so we had to create one; then they get confused sending a hangout/txt on an Andriod as who it sends as.

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