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Take my Gmail.. Please!

Everything for the most part has been smooth sailing since our transition to a secure dot 1x wireless environment. This was about two months ago. Now I am starting to get word of issues with Gmail on the secure SSID (we are a Gmail shop for both Staff/faculty & students). Whats happening is that some mobile devices  for some reason stop syncing up their Gmail accounts. The problem is sporadic and only on the dot 1x environment. If a device is having syncing issues and they disable WIFI and go on to their carriers service they sync up just fine. The same goes for our guest network which is open, no issues there.


Has anyone encountered this before? Is there some magic button for Gmail that I forgot to push? Are there special requirements for Gmail that I am not aware of? Why did Luke marry Laura only to divorce her later and will Sonny get out of his latest jam?


As always, any help & advice is greatly appreciated.

Scott McNeil - Sr. Network & Security Engineer, Global Process Automation
Network+ | CWNA | CWTS | ACSP | ACMP | ACMA | BREC
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