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What SSID do your alumni use?

Hi all,


I'm wondering what SSID you're allowing your alumni to connect to. All of our alumni retain email accounts and have usernames.


Right now, alumni go through our guest portal where they click a special link so they can login with 802.11x to our guest SSID. I think the idea behind this was to keep them off of our student/facstaff SSID and block access to the internal network (servers and such).


We're redoing a lot of our ClearPass implementation in a few weeks and we're thinking of allowing them to connect to the student/facstaff SSID and blocking their access using a ClearPass user group instead.


How do alumni connect to your network? What pros/cons of the above methods do you see? Is there another way we're not thinking of that could be even better?



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Re: What SSID do your alumni use?

Our students have a “student” affiliation, which then turns into a “graduated student” affiliation at - wait for it - graduation. We provide graduated students the same access via our 802.1X SSID. After two years, that affiliation is removed and access is no longer granted. From then on out, they are considered equal to any other guest or visitor of the university and therefore can use our open, unauthenticated captive portal network.
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