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Windows 8 issues



Just wondering if other users out there are having problems with windows 8 devices connection to their networks.


Our current set up is eduroam using a .1x SSID using 6000 controllers and mixture of AP 105s and AP 135s running


What we are seeing is some devices will connect without a problem while some just wont play ball at all. An example is a PC running windows 7 will connect fine but upgrading to windows 8 on the same pc wont connect at all and not even seeing any radius request whilst trying to connect.


We are now getting more and more students turning up with with windows 8 and cant get alot of them on. One solution for some is rolling back to a windows 7 driver but this doesnt work for all. I have found the following chipsets are a real problem

Intel Centrino N-2230 and Centrino advanced N-6235


Any feedback or anyone else having the same issues would be great to hear from you as i need to start to come up with a plan to address this. Many thanks


Re: Windows 8 issues

I'd recommend trying the latest driver from the Intel site. The ones installed with Win 8 weren't great on my laptop.

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Re: Windows 8 issues

well, any developments on this issue? 

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Re: Windows 8 issues

I too have experienced that the win8 drivers are an issue.

After upgrading to win8.1, it seems that my problems have dissapeared mostly, so that might be a fix for you.

I have also recieved feedback from multiple sources, that win8 does not play well with enterprise wifi from several other persons,

so it seems that this is a quite common problem with these clients..

Like allready mentioned, I would recomend all problematic clients, to upgrade to win8.1 and possibly check the wifi chips manufacturers site for the latest win8 drivers.

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Re: Windows 8 issues

We have a big BYOD group on our campus and a majority of those machines are windows 8 (all makes and models).  We have seen very little issue with 802.1x except for a specific case.  If the windows machine has a important or critical update that needs to be installed (needs to be restarted) the devices will not connect to our 802.1x until this is completed.  After looking at our radius logs I am not seeing anythign that our server is doing to deny the connection, the device is simply not authenticating - once you install the updates 802.1x works fine.



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Re: Windows 8 issues

We have also seen most of the Windows 8 issues die off since 8.1 was released. 


The Intel 16.10.x driver release has been rock solid for me. It came out at the end of February.

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Re: Windows 8 issues


I am facing the same issue with Windows 8.

Is there any other solution from the controller end or only updating the driver works?

There are around 50 to 60 users with Windows 8 and keeps disconnecting and connecting.

They dont face any issues with LTE routers.

Access points used are AP 93 connected to ARUBA 6000 controller

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Re: Windows 8 issues

Older OS like windows 7 or older, does not have any issue with connectivity.

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Re: Windows 8 issues

Did you attempt to upgrade  any of them to 8.1 like was mentioned above?

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Re: Windows 8 issues



We have seen problems with the following chipsets hope it helps.Untitled.jpg

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