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Wireless Design



In two weeks we will deploy wireless in our Puerto Rico Campus. We orderd a 3400 controller for that site and 40 AP-135. The site will VPN back to headqueaters in South Florida, so my question is would you recommend adding the controller in PR as local or master? What are the disadvantage or advantages? For easy managment i can add it as a local so i can push config from the master in main campus, instead of having two master.


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Re: Wireless Design



If you have the configuration basically the same at both campuses, making the PR controller a local will definitely centralize configuration changes.

If there are major changes between campuses, making the PR controller a master might be the preferred option.

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

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Re: Wireless Design


Only disadvantage I see is that the PR location would be dependent on HQ for configuration changes and would also have to be upgraded at the same time as HQ. If you have Airwave though, you can easily manage multiple master controllers and keep configuration profiles in sync between the two.
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Re: Wireless Design

Thank you for the quick reply. My first option will be local because the students in Puerto Rico will use the same SSID and authentication methods so the configuration will be the same.


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