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mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

Has anyone successfully mixed AP-225s and AP-224s within a building (or AP-214 and AP-215, etc.)? Is this advised? Would ARM adequately adjust for the differences in gain? I believe the external antennas for the AP-224 would be AIR-ANT-1B.


We have a new building coming online and I'm told it would be easier in some areas to wall-mount APs, and in other areas of the building to ceiling-mount. Using an "L" bracket to wall mount AP-225s was met with concerns over aesthetics.


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Re: mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

We have mixed them with no issues.

When you provision an AP-224 (or any external antenna AP) you specify the antenna gains for 2.4 & 5 GHz.

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Re: mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

Yes absolutely. It would just require careful RF design/planning. 

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Re: mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

ap-ant-1f & ap-ant-1b are very similar looking but have different gain you will have to use.  Just a heads up.

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Re: mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

Thanks for the replies. Good to know this is possible.


I realize one must specifiy the gain during provisioning as we actually have a number of AP-114s and 224s in the field. I was more wondering about min/max power levels and how these values translated to coverage as a function of that AP's antenna gain. Thinking about it more I'm thinking this is a non-issue as ARM adjusts rx/tx powervalues in relation to the environment.




Re: mixing AP-224 and AP-225 within a building

Please note that the AP-ANT-1F is not indicated for use with any of the more recent AP products. It incorporates a filter that is not necessary with AP-2xx, AP-11x and other APs introduced in the last 24 months.


When in doubt refer to the ordering guides for recommended antenna assemblies




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